Archives mensuelles : juillet 2010

Brushless Motors

Nowadays, most DC motors and few AC motors are « Brushless ». There are many advantages in using these motors, even if the control is more complicated than other, cause of the electronic command needed. This article will introduce the « Brushless motor ». At the menu, differents sorts of DC motors, why choose Brushless, type of Brushless motors,… Lire la suite »

Hall effect sensors

Hall effect sensors are used to sense magnetic field. In my previous job experience, I had the opportunity to use many of these sensors with brushless motor, in order to know the rotor position and to be able to switch windings correctly.   This article will introduce the hall effect, common type of sensors and… Lire la suite »

EDP Baseboard

This article will review the Baseboard of the EDP (Embedded Development Platform), which is a new product from RS Components. The business as usual of RS is to distribute electronics components and all that you can find around (Tests and Measurement, Tools, test boards, etc…). With this EDP platform, RS provide an independent system for… Lire la suite »