Rekordbox to excel file, now it is possible

de | 4 août 2014

You will find here a tool to convert your Rekordbox library to Excel file, in order to extract your collection and playlists, and be able to share it in a well known format. This is what I developed these last two weeks : Rekordbox Extractor.

The story of  the Rekordbox to excel tool

If I developed this tool to convert your library of Rekordbox to excel, it is firstly for me.

Indeed, I used to share my playlist that I prepare to my parties, in order to make my customer confident with my songs choice. I used before a Microsoft Access database that I developed in 2009 to manage my songs and playlists. However, the major drawback is that I have to re-enter the same information in Rekordbox in order to sync with my Pionner CDJ Player. So, I started to think about the capabilities of Rekordbox to extract its library in XML, but this require a lot of Excel manual action like « VLookup » and copy/paste.

I begun to think about the way to use SimpleXML and XPath of PHP5 in order to translate the information from the Rekordbox library in a commun file. 2 weeks later, the tool is online in version 1.

What Rekordbox is?
Rekordbox en fichier Excel

In this part, I will let the authors (Pioneer) of this software explain this. You will find all features of this software on the website This software has been developed especially to prepare the mixs for CDJ player 350/900/2000.


Access to the Rekordbox to excel tool

You can use this Rekordbox to excel tool freely and unlimited.

I’m among those who have used a lot of open source projects as linux, wordpress and many other freeware developed by enthusiasts. This is my small contribution to the free world.

Click here to enter Rekordbox Extractor tool.

You’ll find a quick guide to understand how to use it on the homepage of this tool.

Your comments are welcomed

If you have ideas to improve the tool, to add functionalities, or if you find a bug in the tool Rekordbox to excel, do not hesitate to leave your comment below. I also accept the encouragements and thanks.



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