Welcome to Rekordbox Extractor

Quick start

If you want to extract information from your Rekordbox software, you are at the right place. As I guess you are impatient to start, let's quicly introduce how this tool works.

Extract your library from rekordbox

Only extract relevant information to reduce the file size

First of all, you have to check if the option "Export BeatGrid information" is "No".

To check, click on "File" menu, "Preferences" and "Bridge" tab on top. Then, select "No" for "Export BeatGrid information". If you do not select "No" (especially if you check "All beats"), your library file will be too huge to be posted on this website.

Extract the library

To extract the library, click on "File" and "Export Collection in xml format". You will be invited to select a folder/name to store the file.

Insert your library into Rekordbox Extractor

Once you have the library file on your computer, follow the few steps below:

Analyse and extract your collection and playlists

Click on top menu, especially: